2022 - Finacial support to a relevant PhD project within concrete construction.

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2021 - Grant for the best MSc theses within Sustainable concrete construction.

for The Family Thomas Foundation (Familjen Thomas forskningsstiftelse) is a recently started foundation with the aim to fund research on Sustainable concrete construction as the overarching theme.

We would like to thank you all for submitting the MSc thesis!

We are now evaluating submitted material and will soon announce the recipients of the grant.


The grants will be given for the best MSc theses in two categories, first one focusing on design and second on material level:

  1. Smart, resource-efficient design solutionswhich increase the competitiveness of concrete from a sustainability perspective
  2. Resource-efficient concretethat reduces the concrete's climate footprint, including alternative binders and proportioning to reduce binder or clinker


The grant amounts to 50 000 SEK per thesis.